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Title Integrated Transport & Logistic Planning & Operations
User : Admin Date : 2017-04-10 Read : 326

1. Language: English

2. Venue: Seoul and Uiwang, Korea

3. Targets: Officials and staff in the railway and transportation sectors of UIC Asia-Pacific members.

4. UIC IRaTCA Training Session 2017 titled “Integrated Transport & Logistics Planning and Operations”

    The UIC Asia-Pacific Region with KORAIL will organise the next IRaTCA Training Session dedicated to Integrated Transport &
    Logistics Planning and Operations in Seoul, Korea from 24-28 April 2017.

5. The objectives are:

   Comprehending overview of integrated logistics transport system and service
  •    Understanding inter-modal chains in international transport
  •    Sharing the knowledge about inter-operation of passenger and freight rail transport
  •    Finding out the way to strengthen cooperation and understand each other
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