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Title Capacity Building Program for Railway Management(Egypt)
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            Capacity Building Program for Railway Management(Egypt)



Last April, IRaTCA operated a training course for Egypt Railways(13 April 2017 ~ 26 April 2017).
This 3-year program is commissioned by KOICA, and 2017 course was the 2nd course of this program.

From this course, the participants shared know-how about Korean Railway operation, Human resources
development and railway safety.
2nd year course was an intensive course reflecting the needs of Egyptian Railways.


Cultural visit - Baekje Cultural Land in Buyeo




The 2nd weekend of Egypt program, the participants visited Baekje Cultural Land in Buyeo and enjoyed baekje culture.
Baekje Cultural Land is a Korean historical theme park located in Buyeo County in South Chung-cheong province, South-
Korea. It is the largest historical theme park of the country, built to preserve the history and culture of the Baekje kingdom
(18 BC - 660 AD). The theme park is one of the locations of the annual Baekje Cultural Festival. The site is spread out over
3,276,000 square meters, filled with the trace of Baekje Culture. Sabigung Palace reproduces the scenery of a royal palace
during the Three Kingdoms period, and Neungsa Temple, a royal temple representative of Baekje, has been recreated
according to the real size at the historic site in Neungsan-ri, Buyeo-eup. The Five-story Stone Pagoda, prominently seen after
passing through Daetongmun Gate and Wiryeseong Fortress during Hanseong Baekje Era, gives a different aspect of
Sabigung Palace.


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